Logging trucks LHM5163TCJ 

Date: 16 Sep 2009

Designation of product:  LHM5163TCJ 
Chassis: ND1160W281DJ
Drive modality: 4*2
Engine type: WD615.50;WD615.56;6CL280-2;6C260-2;CA6DF2-26
Engine displacement:  9726ml
Engine maximum power: 206kW
Engine maximum torque: 1160N.m
Fuel type:  diesel fuel
Wheel base: 4800mm
Front overhang /Rear overhang: 1410/2790mm
Approach angle/Departure angle:  26°/12°
Minimum ground clearance :  250mm
Minimum turning diameters:  20.4m
maximum speed:  85km/h
Roller capacity:
15/32": 5500/4300m
5/16":  8000m
7/32":  7500m
Speed of lift :  30-8000m/h
Maximum capability of lift:  50kN
Dimensions: 9000*2500*3700mm
Gross weight:  16000kg
Tyre type:  12.00-20
Product affiche: the 107th
Tax-free photo books:  (book 1,2006)P229


Contact information:
LangFang Xinsaipu Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd
Garden Road,Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone,Hebei,PRC [065001]
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